Imagination …. the magic ingredient

‘The imagination dissolves, diffuses, dissipates, in order to recreate _… _’* *S.T. Coleridge’s words (bold italics) quoted by Charles Jencks in his book ‘The Architecture of the Jumping Universe”

A process of transformation occurs when the viewer looks at an image, adds his imagination and thereby to some extent makes the image his own.

Your interpretation/version of the images below will be different from mine … many versions coexisting …


‘Spiral evolution’


‘Effortless symmetry’


‘Carmen M’

Flowdance glowdance!

‘Flowdance glowdance’ is a journey through some of my favourite images of the year. As always, different media, same concerns: these images are chosen for their ambiguity of scale and content, bright colour, unusual shapes and universal patterning …. set to some cool sounds made here at home by iPB Soundscapes … enjoy!

Stretching a long way’s OK

Here are some inksplosions I have taken recently that show ink being stretched; in some cases, quite a long way. Many inks seem quite comfortable with that; they are very elastic. As we see from these four images, different inks behave in different ways when undergoing the same outward movement.


‘Oval window, Bubble eye’




‘Aqua vortex, yellow window’


‘Windows within windows’

Transitional textures

Here are three images I took a couple of days ago, all showing dynamic texturing, caught in the act of change.

The first and second images feature lacy networking and swirls respectively. The third image is the aftermath of several bubbles exploding – we can track the patterns of the pops.


Cosmic lace




‘Bubble fallout’

Art/science workshop details

Below are details and a link about a free art/science workshop event at Exeter Museum next month. It should be a very interesting and varied afternoon – I’m looking forward to taking part! Below is a detail of my image ‘Significant Edges’ used for the poster, showing repetitive, rhythmic vortices contrasting with the jagged ‘toothed’ edge above. Here is the original ‘Heart of Devon’ page


‘Heart of Devon’ publicity for ‘Collider – exploring hybridity’


‘Significant edges’ detail

Mood lighting

Hard lighting, soft lighting, and a little of both … these four images were taken today within a few minutes of each other as the sun was setting.


‘Sharp to the top of the glass’


‘Breaking light’


‘Soft ranges’


‘Firebird in flight’