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I use natural processes to produce images which reflect natural phenomena. When working with ink on paper, heat, evaporation, chemical reaction, turbulence etc. are used to build up my images. The resulting pictures therefore reflect natural processes which we see around us.

For the past five years I have been working with ink in water to create vortices and surface tension-driven flow. I photograph sequences of pictures, and have recently started making movies. The resulting images are unique, and may reflect cosmic phenomena or microscopic life forms. The images often have a time-rich aspect, for instance by simultaneously showing forms at different states of development, or by containing time-lapse trails showing the pathway of the pigments as they move. My methods, particularly with the surface tension work, have been considered by many to be innovative. Ambiguity is a feature of these pictures, and the viewer’s imaginative contribution completes the creative process.

Full papers

  • Journal of Visualization 10:2 April 2007, pp.171-178. Hidden Patterns: creating radial spreads of ink in water

  • Leonardo 40:5 October 2007 Looking beneath the surface: the radial spread of ink in water

  • Journal of Visualization 12:2 April 2009, pp.173-180. Patterns of Ink in Water and Air: creating radial spreads of ink in water

Some competitions awards, published images and articles

  • ISFV12, 2006 Electronic Proceedings: Flow visualization of radial spread of ink in water
  • Visions of Science and Technology Awards, 2007: Art category runner-up for Jet Travel photograph
  • International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, 2007: Semifinalist honour for Four Dimensions photograph
  • ‘The Colourist’, Society of Dyers and Colourists Issue 4, 2007. Front cover, article: Colourful chronoscapes: going with the flow
  • Nature journal 452, March 2008. Water works by Nick Thomas, short feature on my ink/water photography
  • ISFV13, Nice July 2008. Electronic proceedings: Seeing the third and fourth Dimensions: new work on radial spreads and awarded 2nd prize for photographic sequence Chain of Events
  • New Scientist Calendar 2009 Density Wave photograph, October/front cover.
  • NSF Visualization Challenge 2009 semifinalist for Bubblezig, Bubblezag photograph and video Inksplosions on the Move
  • International Aperture Awards 2009 Silver Science and Nature award for Foreground Radiation photograph
  • New Scientist competition Sampling Darwin 2009 – one of five winners for video entitled from so simple a beginning
  • Science Art-Nature virtual exhibit associated with the 2010 Pacific Division AAAS Meeting The Art of Science in Ashland, Oregon included my image Disturbulences
  • My image Purplearia 1 appears on vol.29 no.18 of the EMBO Journal
  • NSF Visualization Challenge 2010 semifinalist for Disturbulences:Storm in a Bowl photograph
  • A set of my ink/water photography is at Science Photo Library.
  • A feature story called The Turbulent Art of Pery Burge is also available – from Seymour Yang, Features Editor, Science Photo Library
  • Belio Magazine 032 pp.179-185 Images and description of my work.

Summary of artistic activities

Societies & qualifications


Full Member, National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers (N.S.)


Cert. Ed Music and Art; 1979: BA Hons Mus Ed; 1994: Certificate of Higher Education Pass, Graphic Arts


Whilst having RSI, I developed methods of painting without a brush, using ink on paper to emulate the processes of nature and to record changes in these processes over time. Began selling work and had five solo shows, all named Chronoscapes: Painting with time in London, Sheffield and the south.


Moved to the South West, developed more new techniques, and sold work in London. Exhibitions in London and Exeter.


Became interested in the idea of a moving substrate and started work with ink in water, photographing sequences of changing flow. Exhibitions in London and Exeter. Spent time experimenting and found a way of making ink move through surface tension driven flow.

Presented the resulting radial spreads at the 12th International Symposium for Flow Visualization (ISFV12) Gottingen, Germany.


Prepared work for publication in Leonardo and Journal of Visualization (see below). Carried out new photography for competitions, promotional material and forthcoming exhibitions/conferences.

Local solo exhibitions called Water, Paper, Ink and Time

Presented latest work at ISFV13, Nice and completed a second paper for Journal of Visualization.

Prepared work for Science Photo Library and developed techniques for obtaining specific types of radial spread, including bubblespreads .


Started producing videos of ink in water, now on YouTube. The latest, Time present and time past (July 2010, 9 minutes) is a reinterpretation of quotes from the Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot in cosmic terms.

I have two current projects:

  • The first features sequences of ink in water, inspired by Milton van Dyke s book An album of Fluid Motion , and will show many types of flow.

  • The second is a video project entitled birth, life and death of the Universe. This will examine parallels between the world of ink in water and cosmic phenomena. My aim is to have the movie projected in 360 degree format, with words and music to provide an immersive experience of the cosmos.

November 2010

I have been invited to take part in Picturing Science, an open exhibition which features artists interested in science, from 4th December at Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham.


January – Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 2010/Pollux Awards: finalist, Fine Arts category.

September – Took up a post as Artist in Residence at the University of Exeter College of Engineering, Maths and Physics, in the Fluids Laboratory. The post, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, is to explore aspects of artistic flow visualization within the laboratory environment. Examples of work arising from the Residency can be seen on my Journal page at this website.

October – Took part in Open exhibition entitled ‘Before the Crash’, organized by Simpleware Ltd., part of the European project Immersion in the Science World through Arts (ISWA).


For a detailed account of my residency activities, please see my Journal/News pages also at this site.

March – Institute of Physics Southwest regional photography contest winner, First prize, using equipment especially built for me at Exeter University Fluids Lab.

July – Held a solo exhibition, ‘Liquid, Light and Time’ at Exeter University Innovation Centre

September 1st prize winner and Visual Interest and Impact prize winner at the 2012 Next Big Idea Science and Math Competition held at Los Alamos. Details here at their site

October – Solo Exhibition, ‘…the Pattern is new in every moment’ at Exeter University Forum, featured in this Exeter University News article

Copyright © Pery Burge 2010 – 13


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  1. Hello, I am not sure how to reach you. I would like to use some of your you tube videos as a background video in a club in a short film scene we are filming. I would like you permission to use it. Please let me know how to reach you.


  2. Hello , i have a similar request. would like to ask you for permission to use one of Perys amazing artwork for a event ( sensual meditation) . Please let me know if that is ok . Thanks, Isabel


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