Gallery: fast flow


Red devil 1↑

The beginning of the sequence, showing airborne flow. The red ink will fly upwards during the next few seconds.


Red devil 2 ↑

The red shape begins to rise upward out of the water.


Red devil 3 ↑

The red shape enlarges and continues to gain height


Red devil 4 ↑

The shape collapses and shrinks down in zigzag shapes


Red devil 5 ↑

The final stages of the red shape’s movement – possibly still airborne at this stage.


Red devil 6 ↑

The shape still altering and elongating – either airborne or on the surface of the water.


Jet propulsion ↑

Elongated shapes signify fast flow.


Jets dreaming ↑

Fast-moving jets all around the edge indicate the direction of flow.


Jet streaming ↑

Angular shapes indicate fast flow as well as the jets emanating from around the form.


Duck under the waves ↑

A lot of activity in this fast-moving radial spread.


Coloured jumper ↑

Angular forms indicate fast flow in this shape, which is probably airborne.


Chromaphototropism ↑

Fast-flowing ink takes up unusual, filmy forms as it moves across and within the water.


Red thread and stalactites ↑

Angular red ink and very long jets coming from the main body of the radial spread


White hot explosion ↑

Fast-moving jets everywhere.

Copyright © Pery Burge 2011-2013

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