Gallery: Image sequences of radial spreads


Disturbulences 1 ↑

Ink is moving out fast (as can be seen by the blur) from the central point marked by the bubble.


Disturbulences 2 ↑

Patterning begins to develop in the white and purple ink, which remain largely separate.


Disturbulences 3 ↑

Patterning continues to develop in size and complexity.


Disturbulences 4 ↑

The white ink develops a filmy texture in places, as well as showing great detail. The purple ink remains largely discrete.


Disturbulences 5 ↑

The central bubble has now popped, patterning within the larger pattern.


Ghost sees a ghost 1 ↑

Like an animated cartoon; we can watch the ghost’s eyes grow as it sees another ghost


Ghost sees a ghost 2 ↑


Ghost sees a ghost 3 ↑

The eyes widen …


Ghost sees a ghost 4 ↑

The eyes open very wide …


Purplearia 1 ↑

Like a new form of organism quickly developing


Purplearia 2 ↑

Textures and shapes are changing …


Purplearia 3 ↑

Patterning becomes more pronounced as this organism continues to evolve


Water, ink and speed 1 ↑

The start of a new radial spread; the gold paint’s circular shape already modified through movement.


Water, ink and speed 2 ↑

The spread has greatly increased in size, and complex patterning has developed.


Water, ink and speed (detail) ↑

The stretchy ink forms lacy patterns, and the red and yellow colours remain largely discrete.


Water, ink and speed 3 ↑

Much of the ink patterning, below right, has broken owing to the continuing outward force of the spread. A mushroom vortex develops upper left at the stagnation point.


Water, ink and speed 4 ↑

Another detail


Water ink and speed (detail 2) ↑

Detail of the well developed mushroom vortex.

Copyright © Pery Burge 2011-2013

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