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Pery Burge

Sadly, Pery died on February 10th 2013, after a short battle with cancer.

Deep winds rising

Her artistic vision was to explore the patterns of nature and the process of change and transformation. Pery enjoyed saying that “Nature is the best artist”, but Nature was, in truth, not always such an easy collaborator — she had to work very hard to find and capture the colours and patterns that you can enjoy in her paintings and photographs shown here and on Flickr.

One of the main motivations for her art was to show to others the beautiful patterns that she’d seen and recorded, and to explore the way the patterns evolve through time. One of her favourite T. S. Eliot quotes was: “For the pattern is new in every moment.”

Pery would want people to continue to find pleasure in the unsurpassed beauty and variety of nature around them, and to continue looking for and enjoying the changing patterns of nature. For her, the viewer’s imaginative response and contribution was an important part of the creative process.

None of us can hope for more than a comparatively brief stay on this amazing planet of ours. I’m grateful that, for a good proportion of my own stay, I was able to share Pery’s life and art with her. I’m hoping that her artistic work will continue to give pleasure to more people in the future.

—Pete, February 20th, 2013


Mood lighting

Hard lighting, soft lighting, and a little of both … these four images were taken today within a few minutes of each other as the sun was setting.


‘Sharp to the top of the glass’


‘Breaking light’


‘Soft ranges’


‘Firebird in flight’

Inksplosions – after and before

Here are two radial spreads each at two stages which I took earlier today. In each case I show the later one first. At some point I will post the complete sequences of each in a new gallery – meanwhile, hope you enjoy these.


’embryonic form’


’embryonic form – beginnings’


‘Suggestions of form with golden arrow’


‘Suggestions of form’