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Science Art-Nature Virtual Exhibit

My image ‘Disturbulences’ forms part of the Science Art-Nature virtual exhibit associated with the 2010 Pacific Division AAAS Meeting “The Art of Science” in Ashland, Oregon.


All the images can be seen here.


Time Present and Time Past

Inspired by words from T.S. Eliot’s ‘Four Quartets’, this movie explores different points in time within the cosmos. ‘Time past’, indicated by monochromatic nebulous swirls, gives way to ‘time present’, where order starts to prevail, and complex, colourful dynamic forms explode into space. Towards the end of the movie, images of past and present come together to form images of the future – for without past and present, the future could not exist.

Time Present and Time Past

A Soft Pink Explosion

In ‘A Soft Pink Inksplosion’ we can trace the increasing complexity of patterning as ink progresses outward. Filmed in May, 2010.