…the pattern is new… exhibition opens

Yesterday’s exhibition Preview started the ball rolling for the first day of my end-of-year show. Lots of hard work went into the preparation and I’m delighted with the result! Many thanks to everyone who made the exhibition possible and who helped to organize it, and a special thanks to Naome, Martin, Peter and Dave for all they did in previous months as well as for the show itself. Thanks also to everyone who came to the Preview – it was great to meet you and chat about the work!

Here is the link to the University News feature about the exhibition, and below are some pictures of the 2D work and of ‘Hubble Bubble’. If you have the chance to come along, that would be great. I’ve included lots of info about the work there, including an account of the development and building of the sculpture. If you want a guided tour, just let me know – I’ll try and take you round!

What a beautiful space to display work – Hubble and the pictures – a view through!


The Forum and my pictures, seen from the other direction


Hubble Bubble and me



magenta burst


The only thing certain is colour change


Detail, ‘Coloured cruiser’ – one of the pictures on show.


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