End-of-year exhibition!

Below are details of my exhibition which starts at the end of next week. It is called ‘…the pattern is new in every moment’, a quote from T.S.Eliot.

Most of the pieces on display reflect my year-long collaboration with the scientists, engineers and technicians who work at the Harrison Building at Exeter University. Many of the photographic images and videos I show are a direct outcome of this collaboration, and form a record of the development of my work throughout the year. In addition to my main collaboration with members of Harrison, I’ve also made some contact with other departments and individuals throughout the Uni. Very many thanks to all those who have helped me to get my projects underway.

In this exhibition I explore how pattern changes through transformation, modification, self-embellishment, superimposition and decay. I also give examples of how the language of patterning can work across different scales and different media – ink combined with water in slow and fast flows, and glass combined with light. I also include my prizewinning images of work carried out in the Fluids Lab at Harrison. You can read about my latest prize win at the College of Engineering Maths and Physical Sciences website

If you’re in the area, please drop in and take a look … hope you enjoy it if you do see it!


End-of-year exhibition poster

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