Going with the slow flow

After the whirling vortices of the last couple of weeks, I decided to slow things down a little in the Fluids lab at Exeter Uni and have been creating some images using slow flow. These pictures require a lot of time to form, and in that respect they are closer to the ink on paper work which I did for many years before switching to ink in water. The main difference with these images is that I am recording their changes over time by photographing them as they develop. Sometimes two main images emerge from this developmental process which may include my further intervention with water and paint. An example of this can be seen in the two below, ‘Moving the liquid mountain’ and ‘Coloured cruiser’.


‘How does my garden grow’ detail


‘Moving the liquid mountain’

Anyway it’s been great fun to return to this kind of image-making … back to the old days, but using new methods!


‘Coloured Cruiser’


‘How does my garden grow?’

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