The complex textures of time

In my quest for time-rich images, I have been photographing sunlit trees, grass and shrubs moving in the breeze, using a still camera and a long exposure. A whole new world appears, and in amongst the motion blur of the leaves we have precise information about their movement in the wind, provided by the white lines of motion. These lines can sometimes look like a graph which has been superimposed – proof of the added dimension of time. Different levels of movement can be seen … ‘Scrambled light trails’ was taken when it was extra breezy, so the lines are more complex. Sometimes the leaves can take on a solid aspect, and begin to look like pods, as in ‘Solid pods’, below. Adding time alters the apparent dimension of objects … an exciting idea!


‘We can see the wind’


‘Solid pods’


‘Wind at work’


‘Scrambled light trails’


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