Adding some spin – a collection of vortices

Over the weeks I have been collecting vortices in Exeter University Fluids lab, generated in different ways.


‘Fluid needlepoint’



Yesterday, whilst helping some students with their projects at Exeter Uni, new patterns emerged. I will post more on their projects at a later date; meanwhile here is a cosmic timelapse swirl, and vortices being pulled towards a certain object .. all will be revealed later on! The textures within the first image ‘Cosmic swirls’, remind me of those in a chalk drawing on coloured paper.


‘Cosmic swirls’

In the image below, vortices formed by dropping ink start to pull towards the left; their shapes modified by a new sideways force.


‘Pulling left; attracted by what ..’

Finally an image created at home for the latest video, ‘Astronomy’, in my collaborative series with Tullio DeSantis. See my post earlier for the whole video. The length of the streaks in this flow increases toward the middle of the vortex where the flow becomes faster.


‘Dynamic astronomy’


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