Institute of Physics SW Branch Festival … a very special day!

Yesterday I went to the Institute of Physics South West Branch Festival held at @Bristol, a free event open to all including talks and workshops. Talks included ‘The Magic of Bubbles’, with some wonderful demonstrations of giant bubbles and spinning soap films, and ‘The Science of Star Wars’, which made intriguing links between Star Wars fiction and real science.

There was a prize-giving ceremony too for a photographic competition of science work carried out in the South West – and I was delighted to win first prize! My prize was a Kindle, which I’m enormously pleased with, as it’s a great way for me to catch up with my reading, especially whilst on the move.

Because I’m an artist working in the scientific domain, this prize from the IOP is particularly special for me.

Below is my entry, called ‘Sci-fi Garden growing’, showing two stages in the development of soap film, separated by less than one second. It was created recently in the Fluids lab at Exeter Uni, using equipment built for me by the Workshop – see p.8 of this Journal. Vortices have grown like plants through the oncoming flow, becoming rounded and sometimes bifurcating as each set of shapes from ‘foreground’ and ‘background’ modifies the other.


‘Sci-fi Garden, growing’

And here’s a light/glass one from a couple of hours ago – complex in its own way; I always like complexity! .. hope you enjoy it too.

‘Echoes of Flight and Light’


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