Growth and form .. on the jellyfish trail

D’Arcy Thompson’s book “On Growth and Form’, which talks about biological forms being the outcome of physical processes, has always been of great interest and over the years I have seen many artistic examples of his theory in my own artwork. Yesterday in the lab I tried out an experiment described in his book, where ink, dropped into water, takes up jellyfish-like forms which have radial symmetry. It needs a few goes to get it right – here are one or two, along with some other sea creatures I have found recently.

I am preparing a collection of jellyfish made in this way, and also with inksplosions and smoke, and will post them in a gallery sometime soon.


‘skeletal jellyfish’


‘Jellied bifurcation’


‘Suspended form’

‘Born in sapphire seas’


‘Translucent shoals’


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