New planets discovered!

I found three new planets the other day when I had my telescope out; how lucky is that.






‘Epi Hemeris’


Robotomorphism and other morphisms

The robots are coming ..


or maybe they are here already in the Fluids lab at the Uni .. I caught a few candidates yesterday in my sketchbook, including a fully-fledged one with its lifeline tubes attached, an ominous looking claw, metal twins staring out from the wall .. glad I’m not around the lab at night

And here are some other morphisms –

the poppy seed head below reminded me of a knight’s helmet, and is called ‘as for me .. I’ll be a knight’ – a line from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


‘as for me .. I’ll be a knight’

My Flickr stream (see link, right) is full of ambiguous images, and the comments left by viewers reflect a huge range of possible interpretations of my work. People seem to enjoy this process; I think it adds to the image – the ideas are usually different from my own …

Below, examples in soap film of how ‘eyes’ may make us think of creatures;


‘watching …’

For me, more robots in this one! – and fish below.



Below, one more ‘morphism’ taken this summer which I entitled ‘Birth of the Medusa’. Plants may sometimes may take on strange anthropomorphic forms, especially when they are just emerging, as this one is.