After the flow has gone …

Yesterday in the lab, I arranged some pools of ink, turned off the flow and looked at how the ink arranged itself in a small residual amount of water. Particles suspended in the ink were deposited on the glass surface, and the patterns were reminiscent of aerial views of rivers and estuaries. The branching patterns also looked like trees and leaves.


Sedimentary foliage

I was reminded of my ink on paper work, where the ink would often similar residual patterns as it dried, as in the example below called ‘The Deep Winds rising’.


‘Deep winds rising’ like underwater currents passing through sea plants

Recently I have been looking for a way of visualizing vortices in one of the larger tanks in the lab – but have not quite got there, partly I think because the flow may be a little choppy. One of my colleagues suggested a peristaltic pump as being a good source of laminar flow, so I will try that soon when the equipment is ready.

Meanwhile, here are a few vortices within the surface tension-driven flow I tried in the lab yesterday:


‘Mushroom vortex’


‘Yin and Yang’

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