Creating time-rich images and watching the gaps

A friend of mine from Flickr asked me recently what I meant by the phrase “time-rich image” … here’s a short explanation and some examples.


‘Cosmic Aqua Blur’

I’ve always been concerned that my images should represent the passing of time in some way, and this concern is reflected in the name I chose for my work “chronoscapes”. Time may be represented in many ways – in photography, motion blur will indicate the passing of time, or the presence of similar forms at different stages. Both these indications of time can be seen in the image below, ‘Cosmic Aqua Blur’, with its streaks of gold particles moving at fast speeds, and ‘younger’ red/gold ink circles which have not yet begun to progress outwards.

The image below, ‘Go Supernova’ also features motion blur, this time contrasted with relatively sharp red lines at the central stagnation point. The relative speeds of flow are apparent.


‘Go Supernova’

I will be posting more on this soon; I find it a really interesting topic.

The behaviour of ink always continues to surprise me – it never does quite what I expect! I have noticed in the lab recently that when it flows slowly over plastic, it leaves strangely shaped gaps which then sometimes become islands. I wonder if this is something to do with the surface tension properties of the ink. Here are a couple of examples; the second of which has the texture of molten glass.


hexagonal plant form


‘Molten flow’

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