seascapes and marine life forms

Yesterday I used the flow visualization channel to create seascapes and bubble abstracts. It was fascinating to watch changing forms as vertical ink encountered lateral flow – would be worth videoing at some point. The two seascapes below were images of the lower part of the tank where things got a little more turbulent. The colours and textures reminded me a little of Caspar David Friedrich’s work.



‘Organized turbulence’


Horizontal streamlines of ink remained remarkably stable, but ink introduced vertically became caught in the sideways flow, producing sharp lines on the left sides and drifting on the right sides.

‘Sharpness and diffusion’


From this, I understood that I could make 3D images by dropping ink behind this relatively stable patterning to create new backgrounds. I also used bubbles to create narrow flow channels, and used the drip lines on the perspex as part of the design.



‘Static and dynamic combined’


‘3D streams’


‘Sharp divisions’


‘Heavier than air’


I also did more Hele-shaw work yesterday using my new perspex sheets which were great! Everything worked really well, and I was able to photograph complete forms in detail. Here are a couple of amoebas with bubbly vacuoles:

‘New Amoeba’


‘Amoeba zoom’



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