I have spent the last month exploring new interpretations of the theme of miscroscopic/macroscopic ambiguity by creating macroscapes – miniature abstract landscapes photographed with a macro lens. These illusory images are made with objects from the natural and material world, and feature light effects as part of their composition. There is no image manipulation other than crop/enhance. Here are a few examples; more at the Macroscapes gallery and on my Flickr stream – see sidebar for both.

Below: ’Meeting of two worlds: reality and abstraction’

April 2011


From above to below this image shifts from abstract light patterning, to the reality of a skeleton leaf, to its reflection, and finally back to abstract light patterning

Below: “Skeleton leaf and shafts of light”




Ink/water macro photography; taken on 16th March 2011

‘Split second evolution’ Two stages in a fast evolving radial spread.



They are separated by one second, which has seen many changes. As in nature, forms may evolve extremely fast as patterns develop and grow.

‘Celllular cosmos’ A microscopic universe


‘Apple and Bubbles’. One organic form grows out of others


‘Marble Bubbles’ where various marble-like textures are seen within


‘Starfish’ An organic life form appears within the ink.


‘Incandescent Podulescence’


January 2011

‘Time Bubbles’

Two ink/water photographs taken from a sequence shot yesterday


adding on two seconds, zigzagging appears …


‘Feathers and Bubbles’ Ink in water 17.02.2011


This image, showing dendritic patterning of ink in water, has had many interpretations – see my Flickr stream. Connections in patterning may be seen between this form and larger organic forms.

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